Modern Authentication: What you need to know and how it could affect your ability to send out emails.

Microsoft is set to upgrade its security procedures, taking down Basic Authentication (BA) to pave way for Modern Authentication (MA) in October 2022.

How will the update to Modern Authentication affect your business?

Old business applications (e.g. Microsoft Office 2010 and Outlook 2010) that are not updated or are still using BA will be rendered useless in Microsoft 365. The apps will be inaccessible and incapable of sending out emails.

While later versions of the appications (e.g. Outlook 2013), if not updated, will also be unusable.

Even devices using BA method (username/password) will also be unable to utilise Microsoft 365 services as they won’t authenticate.

Additionally, mobile devices that are still using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) will need to setup a new profile in order to make the switch to MA.

However, if you have multifunction devices (e.g. photocopiers) that are still using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Authentication, it will remain usable after the update.

Why the change?

The main reason for the update by Microsoft is to address the vulnerabilities of BA where cached passwords are sometimes permanently stored on the browsers.

This presents cybercriminals an avenue for compromise.

However, with MA, there are multiple levels of authentication protocols that will strengthen the security of systems on the cloud.

The reliance will now be on security tokens (e.g. a one-time-password) or limited access based on the device and its location which provides higher security.

As tokens can also expire and be nulled, it will also allow for better management of access.

Do you need help?

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