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Tech Updates: Are you wasting your data? (Utilizing Data through PowerBI)

Are you wasting your data?  You’re collecting 5, 10, 20 years of data in your ERP, CRM, HRMS, Excel…, but… are you using your data, or just collecting it?  Research says that only about 27% of your data is used. The other 73%? Wasted.  Wasted in the sense that it’s not helping you uncover hidden opportunities, challenges and competitive edges that lies in your historical data. Not...


CIO Paradox Chapter 11: The CIO Career Path Paradox

The CIO Career Path Paradox (Chapter 11) CIOs are uniquely positioned to move into different chairs around the executive table, but only if they seize on the opportunities. From CIO to COO Raise your hand for enterprise initiatives To transition from CIO to COO you either look for a new CIO role where you can...


CIO Paradox Chapter 10:The Corporate Board Paradox

The Corporate Board Paradox (Chapter 10) The Bias Against CIOs on Boards Generational bias Board members still have inaccurate view of the CIO being too technical, not having good communication skills, and not being able to talk in business terms.   That’s a really old perspective, but because of the age of the sitting board...