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8 wastages

8 Wastages Measuring IT ROI is always a vague part of a CIO’s job – especially when the technology implemented does not directly contribute to an increase in revenue or a reduction in costs.  But do you know what’s even harder?   Predicting ROIs to justify a certain IT spending.  You could be asking yourself the following questions: How are you...


dark web introduction

What is Dark Web?  You might have heard of it from the TV or from the news, but what really is it? The dark web is a part of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines. You heard it right, you can’t access it through Google or Internet explorer(doubt you’re still on it) Through...


CIO paradox chapter 1

CIO Paradox #1: Two-in-One CIO This blog is based on the book The CIO Paradox – Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership written by Martha Heller and it tackles the daily challenges that CIOs face in their job. One of the biggest challenge CIOs face is the drive for innovation while at the same time keeping the infrastructure secure and...


CIO paradox intro

Introduction: The CIO Paradox  Heller has met and worked with hundreds of CIOs of which led her to write the “CIO Paradox”, a book which discusses the challenges CIOs face in their daily job.  She saw that the CIO paradox is  a set of perennial contradictions that permeates the core role of the CIO. CIOs to be successful in this day...


outsource it

The Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT Support  Your business could be growing, and so you must also level up with your services. This includes upgrading your business process which includes automation, cloud storage, cloud computing, etc.   With these upgrades your IT Department will also undergo some degree of upgrading, now your internal IT team might...