Bodibasixs optimizes production with Power BI, resulting in 25% revenue

Bodibasixs, a Malaysian manufacturing company of personal care and beauty products, is committed to customer satisfaction by providing innovative items and timely deliveries. Faced with data silos that hindered decision-making processes, Bodibasixs partnered with SRKK to implement Power BI for faster data collection and analytics. With different dashboards that provided reliable data quickly, Bodibasixs increased monthly revenue by 25 percent while optimizing labor costs and the size of its workforce.

Bodibasixs is a Malaysian company that manufactures personal care and beauty products in the Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) space. Its main mission revolves around customer satisfaction, ensuring that it delivers consistent quality with optimal production efficiency.

As such, the company prioritizes top-notch research and development, collecting data and drawing insights to inform its decision-making processes. “We rely on data to make important business decisions, but we faced challenges compiling and getting up-to-date information quickly enough,” recalls Andrew Chong, Senior General Manager at Bodibasixs. “We experienced significant delays due to the requisition of information from specific departments. The information gathered was passed on to me in different formats that required further formatting for analytical purposes. All of this took up precious time.”

A major hurdle in gathering data for Bodibasixs was the silos that kept departmental information separate. “People needed a more efficient way of working because it got frustrating for them during peak season when orders increased,” says Andrew. Hence, the company wanted to break down the silos and enable the team to access and analyze data more effectively.

To overcome its challenges, Bodibasixs turned to SRKK, a trusted end-to-end digital transformation consultancy firm and business partner. Together with SRKK, the manufacturing company implemented Power BI to gain better data and analytics capabilities. “We have a very good relationship with SRKK,” Andrew explains. “The team at SRKK are good listeners and take the time to understand our pain points and journey rather than just imposing generic best practices.”

Enhanced financial management

Bodibasixs started by building a Financial dashboard to gain real-time visibility into financial data, which previously was only available seven days after the end-of-month. “Instead of waiting for the month to finish, I can access data in real-time,” Andrew explains.

Having automatic access to key data enables Andrew to monitor key performance indicators easily as well, which was previously manually driven. “We can track things like accounts receivable turnover (AR) ratios and days sales outstanding (DSO) easily, which really helps us manage our cashflows, among other things,” says Andrew. “It’s also great for me to track our finished goods holdings, ensuring that we avoid overstocking and stay at an optimum output level.”

Optimizing labor efforts and costs

Bodibasixs also created a Human Resources (HR) dashboard to better manage its workforce. By tracking key metrics previously unmonitored, such as revenue per employee, the company knew when it should and could expand its team.

This capability became critical in the second quarter of 2022 during the COVID-19 pandemic, when Bodibasixs saw an increase in production demands. It couldn’t keep up with a limited workforce and was faced with rising costs in materials and logistics. “Thanks to the metrics we gained from the HR dashboard, we were able to confidently increase our workforce and manage our cost levels,” Andrew explains. “We went from 261 to 348 workers in just two months, enabling us to get back on track and fulfill backlogged orders in about two to three months.”

The result of being able to manage its workforce effectively by relying on data has enabled Bodibasixs to reduce its direct labor costs. “Our labor spendings have been reduced by 26 percent, and we’re still able to produce the same level of output,” says Andrew. The HR dashboard also allows the company to effectively manage overtime requirements, avoiding potential workforce disruptions during peak and trough times.

Profitable outcome and smoother workflow

With real-time data gathered easily from dashboards driving informed decisions, Bodibasixs has achieved a 25 percent increase in monthly revenue in the third quarter of 2022. “We’re also running more efficient meetings, making decisions quicker with reliable data, and saving 100 percent of our time on HR reporting,” says Andrew.

Having seen the remarkable outcomes of Power BI, Andrew is already working on a new Operations dashboard, with plans for a Sales dashboard next. “The Operations dashboard will help us prioritize customer satisfaction with on-time delivery, and accurate order fulfillments,” says Andrew. It also includes an interactive map of Bodibasixs’ warehouse that allows relevant parties to check what goods are in stock. Andrew continues, “We’re also looking at more digital transformation of our operations with Microsoft 365, which SRKK will be helping us with.”

Looking forward to a bright future, Andrew says, “SRKK believes in kaizen, which stands for ‘continuous improvement’—ongoing positive changes that reap huge benefits—and I agree with that. Digital transformation is a continuous journey. If we consistently do better, our customers will also be happier.”

“Thanks to the metrics we gained from the HR dashboard, we were able to confidently increase our workforce and manage our cost levels optimally. We went from 261 to 348 workers in just two months, enabling us to get back on track and fulfill backlogged orders in about two to three months.”

Andrew Chong, Senior General Manager, Bodibasixs