E-Signature, an emerging trend that goes beyond the future.

Every year, how much money does your organization spend on paper management? Have you ever pondered what appears to be a little business expense suddenly becomes a large one due to hidden charges? You might be surprised that your expenses might be as high as 31 times the cost of procuring paper. As a result, higher usage of digital execution would save over $400 million in direct costs and wasted time.

According to research, 52 percent of business owners had not digitized or planned to digitize their procedures before the COVID-19 pandemic. 74% of businesses had to close, since they don’t have the necessary technology to digitize and were reliant on walk-in clients. Only 28% of organizations were entirely paperless before the epidemic, while 25% indicated they were partially paperless.

You see, electronic signature (e-Signature) is one of the current trends that will continue to strive into the future. You could be missing a lot of advantages if you haven’t considered merging e-Signature in your business process. Many business organizations have now opted to go paperless. Here are some numbers that show the increasing impact created by e-signature.

In just five years, the number of e-Signature transactions around the world has risen from 89 million to 754 million. Companies that use e-signature solutions are able to save up to 85% on their document handling costs, and save an average of 80% on shipping costs.

41% of businesses demand signatures on more than half of their documents, and more than half of those documents must be signed before they can be printed. This makes collecting physical signatures adds a day to the work process, according to 65% of organizations that use pen and paper. But when companies that go paperless, on the other hand, cut processing errors by 90% on average.

Benefits of E-Signature

Instant, Convenient, Foolproof. Electronic signatures speed up approvals and agreements by eliminating waiting periods.

Legally Binding. Electronic signatures are legally binding in the same way that ink-based signatures are.

Environmentally Friendly. The more devices you can remove from the equation, the less you are contributing to carbon footprints produced. The same is true for all the trees that must be felled in order for you to print your hardcopy documents on paper.

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