Let’s TRANSFORM 2023!

The new year boasts new opportunities. Has your business been looking to expand on digital transformation to better capitalise on these opportunities?

If you haven’t yet it’s never too late or too soon to begin your digital transformation journey. Start now in 2023!

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of incorporating technology and IT solutions into business operations for foundational change. Speeds up business efficiency and productivity to drive constant growth and profitability, for improved customer and stakeholder experience.

It demands forward thinking and persistently asking the question “how can we do better?”. The force behind innovation.

Why digital transformation?

The World Economic Forum reported that more than 60% of the global GDP in 2022 depended on digital transformation technology. It is also crucial to sustainability and development.

Technology and the internet in the 21st century are affecting entire businesses every day, creating new ways to approach success.

Those who can ride the wave of change and capitalise on the market trends will find their way to the top. Digital transformation allows business to do exactly that.

Cloud, data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence are among the trending solutions that is driving business growth.

How to digital transformation?

Consider this simple framework before beginning your DX journey.

Position: Are you still using legacy systems? Is there any increased security risks? How do you stay operational efficiently and maintain a competitive advantage of your business? How to optimise operating costs by leveraging the right technology? Set a measurable goal (e.g. profit or revenue) of what your business wants to achieve with DX.

People: DX for the people! Consider how DX can improve your employee experience. Once the benefits of ease and efficiency are seen and communicated, they can see the results and are better able focus on what they do best, then only will it lead to improvements.

Places: How can we enable remote work? Regardless of where your employees are, the right modern workplace tools can streamline collaboration and communication between employees. Empowering employees to achieve more.

Processes: How can we take back time by simplifying or automating complex and tedious business operations? Automation and cloud are DX tools that not only speed-up processes, but also scale them according to business needs, saving costs.

Have you already started DX with little success? Or just wondering how you can foster a modern workplace and begin DX journey in your organisation?

ASEAN is among the fastest-growing regions in the world. Many reports point to digital transformation as the key to its post-pandemic recovery. Hence, companies need to show progressive attitude in digital adoption. Now is the best time to TRANSFORM.

Not sure where to start? Book a free consultation with SRKK here- http://tiny.cc/blog-srkkenquiries. Our consultants can assist you with the right DX framework.

SRKK specialises in 7 key areas of DX—cloud enablement, IT security & business continuity, data analytics, modern workplace (M365, robotic/business process automation, document management systems), IT managed services, hardware procurement & consultancy, and technology distribution.

With 25 years of experience and having guided thousands of businesses to drive business growth with technology, SRKK Group is the leading end-to-end digital transformation consulting firm with business presences in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and UK.

Our long-established partnerships with global tech giants Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Intel, Dell, DocuSign, Kaseya, Nintex, Jabra, Fortinet, Datto, Logitech, and others allows organisations to achieve their full business potential.