Managed Services Provider: Turning a constant headache into a powerful business asset

In many ways a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is like using a food delivery service.

Yes, you can drive yourself to get the meal that you want, but that would mean going through the hassle of driving through traffic and waiting in line, which can easily take an hour or more.

But with a delivery driver you can get exactly what you want without the trouble. And in many ways, an MSP gives you an IT department without the trouble!

A business can manage their own IT department, but the ever-growing complexity of the IT world requires a team of highly skilled professionals, which is not only expensive, but even more time-consuming to find, hire and train.

Salaries, insurance, retirement schemes, training, overtime etc., are the cost a business has to bear with a full in-house IT team. This not including the set-up and maintenance of an IT infrastructure; cybersecurity, emergency repairs, licensing, etc.

With an MSP you will have a single point of contact to a comprehensive team of experienced IT experts with the latest technology to easily handle almost, if not all your IT problems at a fixed monthly rate.

So why not rideshare with other businesses and get an MSP to handle and manage all the nitty-gritty for you!

Worry Free With An MSP

Allow your staff to fully concentrate on what they do best

With an MSP, your employees can focus on conducting daily operations and customer service rather than being hampered by slow or inefficient IT service and hardware.

24/7/365 monitoring of all your devices

PCs, server, network to mobile devices, MSPs can take proactive action to maximise the efficiency of every device, be it to change a processor, RAM or any other component.

Level-up your IT environment and stay up to speed with the latest technology

MSPs xperienced IT engineers can innovate or implement the latest ideas to boost your IT environment and streamline business workflows.

Hands-free cybersecurity

Let MSPs deal with the latest malware, ransomware, phishing or other cyber threats that can send your business crashing.

Upgrade your staff’s efficiency and productivity

MSPs will provide you with the digital transformation tools and training that you need, generating greater ROI that will give your business operations a competitive advantage.

Better allocate your IT budget and maintenance

MSPs provide audit reports and recommendations. You can plan your hardware and software spending for the future.

A Powerful Asset

 We live in an age with an ever-increasing reliance in the digital realm for business success, it therefore goes that IT departments must play more than just another supportive role in your business. Having the right team of engineers, equipped with the right tools to implement all your business plans is crucial for successful execution.

Once they understand your vision and mission, let them choose and optimise the right digital solutions to overcome any hurdles in your way.

For example, did you know a Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) can drastically reduce your expenditure on emergency repairs, helping you to keep to your budget? Less unexpected downtime for your business and as an MSP can manage your devices and environment remotely.

With Cloud Productivity you have the flexibility to scale up or down your business at anytime. Streamline business workflow and collaboration within your entire organisation too as your employees have access to all documents from any device.

MSPs can easily strengthen your resistance to cyberattacks with a simple Patch Management (PM) tool on top of an Antivirus, ensuring all your company’s devices has the latest security safeguards limiting the risk of a cyber threat that can permanently harm your business.

More importantly, they can develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy which ensures a secure location to safeguard all your company’s data and also plan a faster Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for your business. Return to business “as usual” after a crisis.

And these are just some of the tools that MSPs use to empower your IT environment.

One Less Headache

With only two hands and limited resources, you can’t do it all. Running your own business is already a handful and takes up nearly all your time. If you can get in extra hours and save up on cost and resources, why not?

No need to worry anymore about hiring the right experts and funding a fully equipped IT department, considering it can sometimes be the costliest in an organisation.

Take a load of your hands!

And should there be a problem, your MSP will be a single point of contact for all your IT problems, ever ready with a team of trained and certified experts to ease your mind.

To know more of MSPs, feel free to connect with me or drop me a message. Or if you want you can consult with our MSP team here. Contact Us – FatNinjas

Ts. Zool Hilmi Muhd Amir
Service Delivery Director for FatNinjas

Detailed and focused, Zool is committed to giving customers a worry free IT environment by ensuring that SRKK Group’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) division, FatNinjas, provides high-quality service levels with fast response times, round the clock. At the same time, keeping strict compliance to industry standards and regulations.