SRKK Group Of Companies – General Terms And Conditions Of Projects

Project T&C:

  1. Preamble

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions of Projects (“Project Terms and Conditions”) shall exclusively apply to all business transactions for all project services implements by SRKK Group of Companies (“Seller”) to any person, firm, company, or unincorporated association which orders and buys Goods from Seller (“Buyer”).

1.2. Project Services (Services) refers to any services implemented by SRKK including but not limits to the solution of Cloud, Microsoft 365, Azure, SharePoint and add-ons, Power Platform, CRM, Networking, Wireless, Hardware or Software Security, Endpoint’s setup.

  1. Project Services Scope

2.1. SRKK shall provide the Services to the Client as agreed in the quotation, subject to receipt of the payments detailed in the payment terms.

2.2. SRKK will provide the Services under this Propose Project during normal business hours from 9:00am to 6:00p.m., Monday – Friday, except National, Selangor, Johor and Singapore public holidays.

2.3. SRKK shall provide its best estimate man-day efforts to deliver the project. Client understands that the actual man-day efforts will only be identified upon completion of detailed system study and agrees SRKK shall deliver within on man-days efforts quoted.

2.4. Client is responsible for the identification of, interpretation of, and compliance with regulations that affect client’s applications or business.

2.5. All project documentation including deliverable materials will be in English only.

2.6. Client is responsible for data migration, unless otherwise stated.

2.7. All content such as graphics, art works, videos are to be provided by Client.

2.8. Activities such as design build, configuration and testing will be done at SRKK or Client office upon arrangement.

2.9. Man-day quoted as above do not cover documents and information migration, unless otherwise stated.

2.10. SRKK will provide System as-built document upon project completion. The as-built-document should cover the system architect design, critical and credential information.

2.11. Comprehensive Step-by-step manual is not part of as-built document and is not in project scope by default, unless otherwise stated.

  1. Project Schedule and Milestone

3.1. SRKK will produce the project schedule timeline including the following project milestone:

  1. System Architect Design (applicable to non-application project) or System Design Acceptance (SDA) (applicable to applications projects)
  2. User Acceptance Test (UAT), admin training and User training (if any)
  3. Project Go-live,
  4. Project Warranty
  5. Project Handover and As-built Document upon mutual agreement with Client.

3.2. SRKK and Client should with their best effort to adhere and complete the project according to the agreed schedule timeline.

3.3. While SRKK shall provide its best reasonable estimate scope of Services and quotation, Client understands and accepts that until such time as a project is complete and accepted by Client, the length of a project produced pursuant to a work order might not be determined with accuracy. SRKK reserves the rights to adjust the fee within certain reasonable parameters detailed in to reflect the actual fee of the deliverable.

3.4. Client is required to signs the acceptance documents of each milestone within ten (10) business days upon agreement.

3.5. The Client shall be deemed to have accepted the outcome of above-mentioned stages if no response received after ten (10) business days and SRKK should proceed to the next stage of project implementation.

  1. Project Change Request and Variation Order (VO)

4.1. System Design Acceptance (SDA) document will specify the details of the Services to be performed and this shall serve as agreed scope of Services that incorporates the terms of this contract.

4.2. Client may reasonably request in writing that revisions be made with respect to the Services or deliverables set forth in that SDA (each, a “Change Request”). If a Change Request recites revisions that increase the scope of the Services or the effort required to deliver under the applicable SDA; SRKK will deliver to Client a written, revised Work Order reflecting SRKK’s reasonable determination of the revised Services, deliverables, delivery schedule, and payment schedule, if any, that will apply to the implementation of the revisions.

4.3. In the event the change request incurs additional cost including but not limits to additional man-day to the change of scope of Services, schedule timeline, additional bill of materials. SRKK will submit above additional cost with an official quotation for Client to issue a variation order (VO) to complete the project successfully.

  1. Project Delay

5.1. SRKK shall inform Client as soon as practical of any anticipated delays in the delivery with written notice.

5.2. In the event such delay is the result of any action or omission by Client, SRKK will provide Client with written notice that such a delay is anticipated or has occurred, and the reason(s) for the delay relative to the action or omission of Client. Work on the Work Order shall not resume until the reason for the delay has been resolved by Client and notice of its resolution has been provided to SRKK.

5.3. If the Project is delayed due to an act and/or omission of the Client such that it exceeds its deadline of project milestones for completion by 4 (four) weeks or more against project schedule timeline, SRKK shall be entitled to immediately invoice the Client in respect of all sums due to be invoiced upon completion in accordance with the payment milestones.

  1. Project Warranty & Ticketing Support

6.1. The warranty is to be carried out upon the completion UAT/training.

6.2. Remote support as when needed for any project related assistance, guidance or bugs fixing during warranty period.

6.3. SRKK support engineer can at its best transfer the knowledge to IT team during this period.

6.4. Helpdesk ticket will be issued for every bug submitted. SRKK will attend and solve the bug issue within five (5) business day with best effort basis.

6.5. The Client will be notified by mail upon every ticket solved and the ticket will automatically close if no further response receive from Client after three (3) business days.

  1. Project Termination

7.1. In the event of any termination of this Agreement by SRKK pursuant to change of scopes, or by Client pursuant, Client shall pay to SRKK

  1. any undisputed amount set forth in any invoices for Services or software or hardware delivered,
  2. all other out of pocket costs and expenses specified in any then outstanding Work Order that had been incurred by SRKK.