Multi Cloud

Risky Multi-Cloud Environments

The demand for cloud technology is surging and with enterprises using multiple cloud services, the avenue for attack and risk factor increases. Cloud clutter makes it difficult to manage and securely contain risks. 

Too many cloud services and configuration errors? How do you gain full visibility into each cloud environment and integrate them?  

Is there a shortage of cybersecurity expertise and manpower to protect your business from and manage the growing number of cloud services? 

It is clear there are numerous issues when it comes to cloud security. 

Fortinet’s FortiGate Cloud aims to eliminate the hassle and complexity of your web application firewall (WAF) process whenever you install a new cloud service. You no longer have to manage your own WAF virtualized machines. 

You can also: 

  • Get secure on-premises connectivity between locations and Azure-based applications 
  • Automate new connectivity requests, add or update a branch within 30 minutes 
  • Actively measure data packet loss with application-aware path selection 

With all these features on FortiGate Cloud you can ease your resources and time constraints with: 

  • Zero-touch deployment and provisioning 
  • Scalable and subscription-based licensing 
  • Enterprise-level reporting and analytics 
  • Maintain a consistent and compliant environment. 

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