In-Place eDiscovery – Usage & How-to-setup

Recently there is enhancements for the In-Place eDiscovery features to allow discovery managers to perform more efficient searches and preserve search results. For those that not familar with this powerful feature; In-Place eDiscovery allows authorized users to search mailbox data across mailboxes and archives in an organization. Below list the enhancements:

1. Federated Search allows you to search and preserve data across multiple data repositories. You can perform In-Place eDiscovery searches across Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online web sites and documents, and Lync Online content archived in Exchange Online.
2. In-Place Hold allows you to search and preserve data in a single step using the same interface.
3. Search preview allows you to preview search results without copying them to a discovery mailbox. You can further fine-tune query parameters to retrieve more accurate search results.
4. Keyword statistics Search statistics are offered on a per search term basis. This enables a discovery manager to quickly make intelligent decisions about how to further refine the search query. eDiscovery search results are sorted by relevance.

In-Place eDiscovery uses the content indexes created by Exchange Search. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) provides the Discovery Management role group to delegate discovery tasks to non-technical personnel, without the need to provide elevated privileges that may allow a user to make any operational changes to Exchange configuration. The Exchange admin center (EAC) provides an easy-to-use search interface for non-technical personnel uch as legal and compliance officers, records managers, and human resources (HR) professionals.

Authorized users can perform an In-Place eDiscovery search by selecting the mailboxes, and then specifying search criteria such as keywords, start and end dates, sender and recipient addresses, and message types. After the search is complete, authorized users can then select one of the following actions:

• Estimate search results: This option returns an estimate of the total size and number of items that will be returned by the search based on the criteria you specified.
• Preview search results: This option provides a preview of the results. Messages returned from each mailbox searched are displayed.
• Copy search results: This option lets you copy messages to a discovery mailbox.
• Export search results: After search results are copied to a discovery mailbox, you can export them to a PST file.


Exchange Search
The following screenshot shows an example of a search query in the EAC.