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SRKK have introduced a simple way to communicate with customer. With a click of SRKK EMS, an email will open and customer can report a problem to SRKK Engineer. A group of Technical engineer are ready to support all sort of problem that customer facing and an instant respond will be provided. Customer also don’t have to remember any phone number or email address to report a problem, as the SRKK EMS logo will provide the necessary info that you need. All you need to do is a click, and you will get a support. “ A Click for A Solutions”

How to report a problem via Connect2Help Systray Icon
1.Go to ‘Show Hidden Icon’ (skip if the icon already at the taskbar)
2.Click on the Connect2Help Systray Icon
3.Choose option “Report a Problem”
4.It will open up create new email window. User may follow below email example.