10 Steps To Make Your PowerPoint…

This guide is made with PowerPoint 2013 may also implies in older versions of Microsoft PowerPoint though it may different interface. To begin Follow this 10 Steps to Make Your Presentation Alive and Cool.

1- ​Select the Slide where you want the video to play
2- Click Insert in the ribbon
3- Click the Arrow Pointing down under Media select Video then Video on My PC
4- Locate and Select the video
5- Click Insert
6- ​Resize or crop or design the layout of your video
7- Click Playback on the ribbon
8- Select Start Automatically
9- Click Animation on the ribbon
10- Select Start With Previous



Congratulation Your Done!

You can more than one video in a slide and play all at the same time, something that Windows Media Player can’t do.
You can Add Text, audio, graphics or another video on top of your video and play them in same time, something that your audiance keep awake and excited.
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