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How Monitoring System Can Add Value to Your Business

Businesses these days rely heavily on their IT infrastructure where any down time on their IT may result into a big loss to the organization. The impact will be effecting the whole operation in terms of profit loss and productivity. Never the less, the reputation of the organization might also be jeopardized. Therefore a mechanism should be implemented to reduce the down time of the IT infrastructure. The current monitoring technology might help the organization if the system matches several criteria and implemented in the right place, in the right time.

There are a few ‘must have’ criteria in the monitoring system that will add value to your business. The most important criteria, is that the system must be able to perform, 24/7 proactive monitoring on the mission critical IT infrastructure’s component, usually servers. You can hire IT technicians to do the monitoring but can a person do 24/7 monitoring? You must need at least 2 person to do the job. Furthermore you need to think about the cost, is hiring 2 IT person cheaper than a monitoring software?

Secondly, the system must have a notification and alert function where it can determine what is the root cause of the issue, and able to notify your IT team to rectify the issue as soon as possible. If the system is able to show where the problem lies, then your IT team can cut the troubleshooting part and directly think about the solution. Hence it will reduce down time of your business. It is better if the system can pre-alert or send a warning before the issue occur.

The system must also be able to generate a proper relevant report for any related monitoring activities and event log. This is because proper reporting can help IT personnel to explain about the issue, the cause and the resolution. Report also can be a proof for you to easily escalate any issue that happens outside of your knowledge. For example, if you are buying ERP or CRM software from a vendor, they could not just accuse the issue happening caused by your IT infrastructure, because it may also be coming from the software weaknesses.

If you want to find a good monitoring software, you must find a reliable source or company that provide such service. There are a lot of companies claim that they can deliver such a good product but the price may not be reasonable. Compare and choose your solution wisely and it will make you smile in the future. Be worry free from downtime.


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