Adding User Profile Picture On Dashboard

Here are some tips on how to add in a user profile picture on the dashboard.

1. Insert the script into the head of the Master Page to get the Current User Properties.

2.  Normally the script should be like this to display the User Profile Picture on Dashboard.

But the script has a problem is user have to manually right click the picture to open the image in new tab,close it and refresh the Site Page only the picture will be showing up.

So we have to use another way to display the picture.

3.  Change the script using the User Profile Picture URL to display the picture. But first User Profile Picture can’t be empty. Must need to have a picture then you can only get the  picture URL.

Right Click right top user profile picture open in new tab.

4. Copy the URL and replace the script.

5. So we fix the URL but have to set the Email of the Current User Email.

6. U can change the size of the picture but there is default size that you can change.



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