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** Before we start the two-way replication, please ensure both files need to have the same resource data**

  1. Open Syncovery program >> click + (Add) button to create a new profile.
    Synchronized 1
  2. Give a name for the profile >> Select 1st files server path on left hand side >>Select 2nd files server path on right hand side >> Copying directions must tick “left to right” and “right to left”.
    Synchronized 2
  3. Choose Smart Tracking on sync operation mode >> click Configure.
    Synchronized 3
  4. Window will prompt out smart tracking option once you click configure button >> On Moved files section, select “Fully Automatic” as below screenshot.
    Synchronized 5
  5. Next, go to Deleted Files section, select “Move into folder for deleted files” so that you can recover your files if accidently deleted by syncovery. Create a folder on both files server for purpose to store deleted files >>> Click OK when done.
    Synchronized 4
  6. Go to Advanced settings >> Monitoring / Real-Time Sync >> Tick Real Time Syncronization… >>> Window will prompt out real time settings >>> Click OK to leave all the setting as default >>> Click OK again.
    Synchronized 6
  7. Go to Files section >> Choose Adjust Automatic on detect moved files and renames folders
    Synchronized 7
  8. Then, go to deletions tab >> Use Recycle Bin for >> Tick Overwritten Files & Deleted Files >> Tick Move Deleted Files Into A Specified Folder >>  Choose both files server storing deleted files, refer back to step number 5.
    Synchronized 8
  9. Go to More tab >> Tick Use Window API Copying Function >> Click OK
    Synchronized 9
  10. On Safety section >> Attended Mode >> Warning in Attended Mode >> Tick Warn if moving files (Deleting from source). This option can prevent source files automatic deleted without notify users.Then, on other warnings option >> tick Warn before overwriting newer files with older ones.
     Synchronized 10
  11. Next, go to unattended Mode >> Tick all the options as below >> Choose 100% on files deletion allowed option.
    Synchronized 11
  12. Go special section >> Special Features >> Tick Process Security And Shares… (This can replicate ntfs security and share permission between both files servers)
    Synchronized 12
  13. Once you tick Process Security And Shares… window will prompt security options >> tick all the permission as below screenshot.
    Synchronized 13
  14. That all the setting need to pay attention when configuring two way files synchronization, the others setting just leave as default.
  15. Finally, go to scheduler tab on upper option >> Click start scheduler to run real time monitoring on both files server.
    Synchronized 14

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