Tips To Stay Productive Amid Covid19 Outbreak?  

There is a sudden change in the global work culture amid the covid19 outbreak. Not only netizens are finding it hard to cope-up with the widespread and fatal effect of the covid19 but organizations of all magnitude are switching to a futuristic work approach to safeguard people from the viral and deadly virus. Amid the restriction on travel, organizing events, plummeting stock market, and city lockdowns it has become a necessity that we should find alternative ways to stay fit yet productive at work.

Be A Responsible Citizen
It’s time we act as responsible citizens and adopt a work culture that is different from what we are habitual of since the past decades. To fight against the sudden outbreak of the deadly covid19 it is recommended to work from home as much as we can. But working from home has its downside and the efficiency is certainly not what you can expect while working from home. But there are ways you can opt to stay productive even when you are working from home.
Workplace and Coronavirus

There is nothing better than staying alert and isolating yourself to fight against the covid19 pandemic and defeat it in the time to come. It’s the perfect time that companies test their remote work policies because throughout China and other Asian countries workers have been on lockdown. With the widespread of Coronavirus, even the United States and the UK are going through the same phase. Multinational companies and big Corporates have asked their employees to work from home and stay protected. There are some ways by which you can stay productive amid the covid19 outbreak.
What Should Be Your Approach To Stay Productive?

1. Be Positive: This is one aspect that should not be overlooked amid the tense situation the world is going through. Staying positive is the basic mindset you need to stay productive. So leave all the negative thoughts and try to be as positive as possible. The world has overcome so many threats in the past and the present situation is no different. So the first thing to be productive is to develop positivity around you. Don’t let negative thoughts surround you and avoid following rumors because these are some of the distraction which majorly hampers your productivity.

2. Create a Workplace: Work from home is not what you do, so you must create a designated workplace for yourself till the Coronavirus threat is neutralized. Decide a place in some corner of your house where you are sure that nobody will bother you and you can focus on your work. Being at home doesn’t mean you are not on the clock. So stay focused and carve out an area for you where you can solely work.

3. Relax and Refresh Yourself: Work from home doesn’t mean you have to work all day as you do in office. Plan some breaks after every hour and decide an activity because this is very necessary to avoid the feeling of getting trapped in your home. Going to work let you meet so many familiar faces on the way and you feel free but the situation is different when you stay at home and work. So give yourself a break after every hour, play with your kids, play some games, watch some fun short movies. All this is necessary to keep you refreshed and when you feel relax and refreshed you can focus more and ultimately be more productive.

4. Set Your Working Hours: The biggest challenge of working from home is to decide the time slot you will work to complete the assigned work. So set time goals, decide the important tasks which you have to finish today and manage other tasks which you can complete either early morning or late night. This will let you be productive and avoid jumping deadlines.

5. Stay Fit: No we are not suggesting you to workout rigorously as you do in the gym. The best thing to be productive while working from home is to don’t let your body go into hibernation. Do some yoga, stretching exercises, skipping or some cardio session to stay fit because you don’t get to walk, climb upstairs, and burn calories much when you stay at home. Exercise makes you more focused and relaxes your muscles and release stress buster hormones hence you stay productive while working from home.

6. Avoid Distraction: The biggest problem of working from home is the environment you get. Home always remains home no matter how much dedicated you are for your work. The best way to don’t let the “Home Sweet Home” feeling get over your work is to point out distractions and try to stay from them. Ask your family or friends to not disturb you until it’s urgent.

7. Stay Connected: You have to stay connected with all your colleagues to keep an update of what they are up to. When you stay connected you stay in the loop and know what is going around you. This also develops teamwork feeling and you stay proactive and more productive.

8. Use Productivity Tools & Collaboration Tools: Work from home requires you to have the right IT technologies because you don’t get access to the technical framework you get access to when you work in the office. There are various productivity and collaboration tools like Microsoft Office 365 which you can use to stay productive and collaborate with other people. According to srkk.com the leading IT consulting and managed service company which is helping Corporates and enterprises to optimize productivity and achieve business goals, it is of utmost importance that when a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic forces companies to ask their employees to work from home it should provide productivity and collaboration tools to make their employees more productive. Microsoft technologies like office 365 provide more functionality, mobile operations and added security.

9. Use Messaging & Collaboration Solution: Work from home cannot stay productive if regular communication and messaging are not done. For employees to stay productive while working from home it is important to use messaging and collaboration solutions like the Microsoft Teams. This is one innovative chat-based collaborative tool which makes it easy for global, remote or dispersed teams to work in close sync and share information via a common platform. Microsoft Teams platform provides advanced meeting experience, mobile audio and video calling, improved security, ideal teamwork hub, meeting scheduling capabilities and tons of other functionalities which keep the employees productive while they work from home.

10. Use the eDocument Management System: Without managing documents and other confidential details the purpose of work from home cannot be achieved. This is why using an eDocument management system like Microsoft Sharepoint is required. This remarkable business collaboration tool has endless capabilities for IT professionals, administrators, and end-users which makes it an ideal collaborative digital tool. Microsoft SharePoint helps simplify business activities, connect employees with information, let employees share information without divulging confidential information, help employees to manage content, speed-up shared business processes and provide a single integrated platform to all the employees. Digital tools like Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy for employees to stay updated and productive while they work from home.