The Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT Support 

Your business could be growing, and so you must also level up with your services.

This includes upgrading your business process which includes automation, cloud storage, cloud computing, etc.  

With these upgrades your IT Department will also undergo some degree of upgrading, now your internal IT team might be overloaded with tasks since you’re growing.

The next best option for you is to outsource your IT Support. 

Here are the Pros & Cons of outsourced IT Support. 



The Pros of Outsourcing IT Support: 


 Managed IT Support Provides Higher Level of Expertise

Have higher level of expertise since you have a wider pool of potential workers for IT department. 


Managed IT Services Are Affordable

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year because they don’t have to invest in IT department employee training, insurances, sick pay, etc. 


Outsourcing IT Support Companies Have Advance Equipment and Security

Outsourcing contractors have the latest and best equipment and software. Security standards are also top-level.  


IT Service Liberate More Internal Resources

The internal resources can be freed up which were previously used to accommodate extra IT functions.  


Virtual IT Help Business Become More Focused

IT servicesor other needs it is more focused, adaptable, and agile. The staff is more focused on delivering its core product. 




The Cons of Outsourcing IT Support: 


Quality and Delivery is A Concern

Outsourced contractors don’t always meet the demand of the customers and there is a persistent quality expectation gap. 


Less Control

Although detailed instructions and guidelines can be issued to the off-site team, still the company has less control over the off-site workforce. 


 Communication Gap

Teams who work from different locations with different time zones faces challenges when communicating.  



Few Questions To Ponder: 


What are your IT Support needs?

It is important to know these needs, until you are not sure to what extent your organization needs IT support you cannot reach a decision. 

Decide whether you need simple hardware maintenance and patching or a full suite of IT services.

 If you have no idea how to evaluate, talk to an expert


What IT services capabilities your company has at present?

Larger companies with more non-technical users often need much assistance in comparison to small companies with more tech-savvy employees.

More tech-savvy workforce means you don’t have to outsource your IT service. 


What time of the day you will need it?

Does your company need virtual IT assistance just for the business hours or 24×7?

Does it affect your business drastically when your IT staff goes on vacation?

Based on the hours of the need for IT department and maintenance you can decide between internal and managed IT support. 


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