5 things you can do after your password is leaked

With phishing, spoofing, data breach, & security breach, happening left to right, it’s no surprise that your credentials could be leaked on the dark web.

What can you do when your credentials have been stolen already?

  1. Get confirmation of the breach and whether your information was exposed.

The first step is to confirm that a breach occurred. Go to the company’s secure website and/or call the company to confirm the breach and whether your information was involved.

  1. Find out what type of data was stolen.

    The stolen information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords, and security questions

Hackers who have access to unique, sensitive data like your Social Security number can essentially assume your identity. 

  1. Accept the breached company’s offer(s) to help.

    If the breached company offers to help repair the damage and protect you for a certain amount of time, unless there have been issues with their offer, take them up on it.

  1. Change and strengthen your online logins, passwords and security Q&A.
    It’s important to immediately change your online login information, passwords, and security questions-and-answers for the breached account(s)-along with your other accounts with similar passwords and security Q&A-to limit the reach of the hackers’ arms.

  1. Contact the right people and take additional action.

This is where the type of data stolen really comes into play.

Contact the right agencies, and people, advise them you have been a victim of identity theft and they will place a fraud alert on your file.

Stay alert; monitor your accounts closely.

It’s important to stay alert and watch for signs of new activity.

The important thing is to stay alert and know what to look for, even as you strive to keep your personal information as secure as possible.

If you do see red flags, be ready to take the appropriate actions.


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