Microsoft Defender for Office 365
The best practices for priority accounts.

According to data gathered by Forbes, there have been 300 data breaches involving the theft of 100,000 or more records over the past 10 years. With the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many sectors of businesses and transactions, there is now a higher risk of security breaches, getting confidential data or information at risk.


Of course, today there may be a lot of antiviruses software, or firewalls available in the market that you may choose from, but as you decide which one to apply you must also consider its compatibility for integration with the current platforms you are using in your daily business process.

Here is where Microsoft Defender comes in.

What is Microsoft Defender for Office 365?

Microsoft Defender is a cloud-based email filtering service that helps protect your organization against advanced threats to email and collaboration tools, like phishing, business email compromise, and malware attacks.

Same thing happened to Google and Facebook. A business email compromise (BEC) campaign, also known as invoice fraud, that started with a single phishing email, turned into a multi-year money-making operation. Between the year of 2013 and 2015, this hacker pretended to be a computer parts vendor and produced a series of phony bills, which were paid by the companies. More than $100 million USD was paid out.

Priority account protection.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 supports priority accounts as tags that can be used in filters in alerts, reports, and investigations.

One cause for falling prey to phishing attempts is a lack of appropriate tools and training for employees on their role in information security. A filter system will add up a level of security process.

Why Designate user as priority accounts?

All users are a priority, but priority account protection offers additional benefits such as:

1.Additional heuristics.
Priority account protection offers additional heuristics that are specifically tailored to company executives that would not benefit a regular employee.


2.Additional visibility in reporting.
The priority accounts tag as a filter allows you to specifically target your investigations.


Increase sign-in security for priority accounts
Increase their sign-in security by requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) and disabling legacy authentication protocols.


Use strict preset security policies for priority accounts
For example, instead of delivering messages that were classified as spam to the Junk Email folder, you should quarantine those same messages if they’re intended for priority accounts.


Apply user tags to priority accounts
User tags in Microsoft Defender are a way to quickly identify and classify specific users or groups of users in reports and incident investigations.


Monitor priority accounts in alerts, reports, and detections
Use the available reports, alerts, and investigations in EOP and Defender for Office 365 to quickly identify incidents or detections that involve priority accounts.

Train users
Training users with priority accounts can help save those users and your security operations team much time and frustration.


With these, employees have credentials and general knowledge that are important to the success of a security breach at a corporation.

The success of a phisher is determined by the victims’ willingness to trust him. We live in the digital age, which has made acquiring information much easier.

Therefore, proper training and adequate understanding of how phishing works with the right tools such as Microsoft Defender, you will be able to equip your organization in staying safe from security attacks.


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