“4 Ways Cloud Computing Keeps Your Business Competitive”

Organisations need to be in a constant state of readiness to capitalise on changing market trends.

As the world turns digital, cloud is one of the top digital transformation solutions for businesses to stay agile and competitive in a fast-paced IT environment. Cloud computing services can provide cost-effective solutions that gives your business greater scalability and security.

Foundry reported that of the companies who made the transition to adopt the cloud, 63% did so for more flexibility to scale their businesses, while 71% wanted more speed when they improve their business.

While Gartner added that there will continue to be a growing need for cloud services globally, with more than 51% of IT spending shift to cloud solutions by 2025. Spearheaded by the pandemic, this is an increase from 41% in 2022.

It was also pointed out that the demand for better collaboration and speedier work processes will continue push cloud technology to improve and evolve.

So why all the hype? Here are four reasons.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

#1 Competitiveness/Scalability

Did you know that every time you set-up a new business application or system, you require additional server space?

Without a cloud service solution, it will be difficult for you to add more space (processing power, CPU, RAM and storage) to upscale your business’ IT capabilities, but with the cloud you can increase your capacity instantly.

For instance, if there is a spike in demand for your services, you can quickly expand your capacity to accommodate more business applications, automated solutions and workflows on the cloud. And if there is a dip, you can easily reduce your capacity with minimal cost.

With cloud computing, you can quickly upscale to take hold of changing market trends, and also capitalise on business opportunities that would have been missed out due to short service deadlines.

#2 Cost-effectiveness

Unless you have an unlimited budget to hire a fully equipped IT department that has experts in all areas, it is almost impossible to manage an efficient and fast cloud service. And even if you have a limitless budget, acquiring and installing new hardware can be a slow and tedious process.

From funding high-end IT equipment, hardware, facilities, and technology to finding and hiring the experienced experts to manage and optimise the servers and facilities for you, it is a massive burden that many small to medium enterprises would be unable to afford.

But with service providers such as Microsoft and DocuSign, they will possess highly specialized cloud solutions and applications with the state-of-the-art technology and expertise that you can tap into at a set price.

#3 Cybersecurity

While it may seem unsecure to place one’s trust in a third party, many have experienced greater data security when using third-party help.

RapidScale reported that 94% of businesses saw better security upon using cloud solutions, with 57% readily admitting it has fortified data security.

This is because cloud providers have full-time experts that are dedicated to ensuring the security of your data and are constantly apprised of the latest cyberthreats with the knowledge to counter them.

#4 Backup and Disaster Recovery

Did you know that having a cloud system can significantly reduce business downtime in the event of a major outage?

Take for example, a natural disaster, major fire or even a server crash, you can lose all your business data instantly. As such, having a cloud system which stores your data securely on an off-site facility will allow quick resumption of business activities as long as your devices have access to the internet.

Though you can’t predict it but you can at least have a system in place that promises minimal downtime, which is crucial in an age where losing functionality for even an hour can lead to huge losses in revenue, business productivity and even brand confidence.

Want to implement it for your business?

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