Digitally transform your organisation with E-Signatures

Did you know that an e-signature solution can instantly revolutionize every department in your business? You can free your employees from tedious and time-consuming documentation and tasks that can eat into hours of their time.

Sales, Procurement, Human Resource, Finance, Administration, these are just some of the departments that stand to benefit from e-signature.

It can generate more revenue by speeding and simplifying complex deals, freeing more time for your employees to focus on more important jobs and deliver a better customer experience.

Ever since adopting an e-signature solution, businesses have reported experiencing 55%–78.62% in total savings from costs of material, administration, shipping and subscription.

As organisations can drastically reduce agreement times from 5 days to 37 minutes on average,

It should be no surprise that many have also witnessed a whopping 500% increase in customer loyalty. By simply going paperless, businesses can also mark down on processing errors by 90%.

Since the pandemic, APAC is now the fastest growing market for e-signature solutions. This is due to a growing e-commerce and SME market that is starting to gain traction in automation.

Let’s see how an e-signature solution with a cloud service can impact each department in your organisation.

#1 Sales

According to Docusign, the No. 1 electronic signature and agreement cloud provider, companies who have turned to e-signatures solutions have testified to an average of 80% reduction in the turnaround times of agreements. with the, it will come as no surprise that your customers will be delighted with the lightning-paced service.

By eliminating tedious chores such as travelling, paper management and scheduling meetings, your sales team can now focus on more profitable tasks such as client relations and closing more deals to meet their targets.

With the end-to-end cloud service provided by an e-signature solution, your sales team can generate, collaborate, approve, deliver and get it signed, without having to take a step away from their workstations.

#2 Human Resource (HR)

For any growing company, hiring the top talent is crucial. Every step of the recruitment process could make or break the deal for a potential new hire. Fast-tracking the hiring process from application to onboarding, will give talents the right impression, even prizing them away from the market before anyone else.

Using pre-built templates, e-signature solutions can help you create documents, notify potential new hires and send documents that are automatically adjustable to the screen size of their devices, giving new employees the freedom to prove their interest from anywhere at anytime.

As such, HR departments in companies have experienced much faster document completion rates, with 54% of their documents signed within the day and 79% within a week.

The benefits to your HR department will allow your talent acquisition team to spend more time and energy on building and sustaining a more pleasant work environment for higher staff retention rate. In 2019, Glassdoor reported that 14 of the top 15 “Best Places to Work” at were businesses using DocuSign.

#3 Finance

Accounting is one of the most tedious departments requiring time consuming scrutiny over numbers and documents to maintain the profitability of any business.

It is, if not also one of the most stack heavy when it comes to paper usage and storage space, keeping accounts records dating years back.

Finance departments can now store all their documents on the cloud from invoices, customer and supplier contracts, budget approvals and reports, accounts, and payslips all in a single place making it simpler to approve, locate documents, and manage your company accounts.

This quickly eliminates the need to scan, print and store documents which would provide a window of opportunity for losing, misplacing and leakage of records.

E-signature users have already experienced an 80% drop in errors. With already prepared forms for regularly used agreements, this will reduce the likelihood of human mistakes. While documents that would have to pass through multiple hands for approval can be instantly reviewed online, creating a fluid and accurate system for documentation.

#4 Procurement and Supply

Based on DocuSign, supply chain management if done manually can be tremendously slow requiring tiers of approval in the whole RFx stage alone, which can comprise any of the following, Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Information (FRI), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Request for Bid (RFB). This isn’t including the before, during and after contract execution phase.

But with an e-signature solution you can manage and track every phase of the procurement process from all your suppliers in the cloud, allowing better planning and execution. With greater visibility of the entire lifecycle process you can foresee possible risks and quickly take preventive measures.

#5 Administration

If you have a booming customer base, the solution may not necessarily be to hire more administrators but could be as simple as implementing an e-signature solution. By eliminating laborious tasks and paperwork such as scanning, printing, storing and filing, you can free more of your staff’s time for customer relationship management.

Administration departments in the government, higher education, and healthcare sector that requires thousands to fill-up and sign-off on numerous forms have used e-signatures to simplify and speed up registration and enrolment. They can do it all digitally.

The centralised cloud storage provides the ability to track and audit documents with time stamps. Administrators can easily manage massive amounts of documents and paperwork, cutting down on pending and overdue cases.

With greater automation in the process, human error is reduced, which is vital in industries that demand the highest levels of accuracy, safety and compliance.

#6 IT Support and Services

Upscaling companies will eventually need an IT department that can effectively manage and handle the growing IT inventory and support requests within the business across all departments.

An e-signature solution can assist your IT department to do just that by creating seamless processes for tracking asset transfer, support requests, approvals and storage

IT departments can create templates for forms that are extensively used such as for the transfer of assets, service requests, acceptable use policies, report of lost assets etc.

Rather than manually creating reports and sending emails, IT officers will now only need to key in the relevant details which will be automatically inserted into the document. This can be sent immediately for employees to agree on the cloud.

Once signed, the documents are immediately stored in the cloud database and can be quickly retrieved anytime for tracking or generating reports.

To sign off…

The opportunities when it comes to the application of an e-signature solution to your business are endless. With one step you can revamp, modernise and speed up the operations of every department, giving your employees more time to complete their tasks and focus on what matters most, your customers!

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