Go paperless with DocuSign

Before there was a digital alternative, pen-and-paper signatures were the most secure option. However, did you know, e-signatures  can be more secure than a physical “wet ink” signature if done correctly?

E-signatures are superior to paper in terms of privacy, efficiency, and sustainability. A “digital signature” is a sort of electronic signature that has been enhanced to provide additional layers of security and privacy.  No more re-keying, faxing, shipping, paper errors, or rafting and transmitting papers to signing and monitoring.

You can now better protect your digital agreements using DocuSign. DocuSign makes electronic signatures a reliable, globally trusted service.  Globally, we can see Commonwealth Bank customers sign mortgage documents electronically, while some of the largest tax and consulting firms now have clients sign tax returns on DocuSign. You can make sure your signers are who they say they are, you can set up multiple levels of authentication so that signers must prove their identity before being given access to documents.

DocuSign takes care of everything. You can see results in hours rather than weeks with DocuSign, save time and lower your costs. It also helps to elevate your customer’s experience. With DocuSign you can work in collaboration on any device.

Opposed to paper-based systems, e-signature has several important advantages:

  • Legality and security. E-signatures can include multiple levels of verification and evidence with the right provider, making them more legally defensible than a paper signature that can be forged.
  • Convenience and efficiency. Documents can be signed on mobile devices by clients, customers, and employees, and paperwork is never lost in the mail.
  • Cost-effectiveness and long-term viability. There will be less waste, and less money spent on paper, stamps, envelopes, file folders, and so on if there are fewer paper records.
  • Reduced risk. All forms must be filled out and data entered in the correct manner when using e-signature forms.


Now let us look at what DocuSign can do on three distinct levels: Individual-level, SME level, and Enterprise level. You will be surprised that DocuSign applies to all your basic needs.

The DocuSign advantage for you

  • With DocuSign Individual Edition, you can eliminate paper clutter and work the way you choose.
  • It takes just seconds to create and email any document virtually, as well as securely store the completed and signed documents for later use.

DocuSign for SMBs (Small to Medium sized Business)

  • From electronic signature to money collection, DocuSign is the fast, dependable solution to make nearly any agreement and approval procedure a simple digital action—on almost any mobile device, from anywhere in the globe.
  • Customers and employees will be up and running in minutes since it is so simple to adopt and use.
  • It integrates with your existing business apps, services, and devices.

DocuSign for Enterprise

  • Companies can assess turnaround time in minutes rather than days with DocuSign since it automates the agreement process.
  • DocuSign’s intuitive user interface and simple implementation make it easy to speed up transactions and eliminate paperwork.
  • You can get started right away or use over 300 pre-built connections to connect to your existing systems.
  • You can also create unique, end-to-end workflows using our industry-leading eSignature API.
  • DocuSign’s security certifications and encryption standards are the most stringent. It gives you complete extremely secure encryption standards.
  • A global infrastructure that is ready to do business in any location
  • For compliance and legal enforceability, there is a full digital audit trail.

Overall, DocuSign pushes you to be efficient anywhere & anytime, save your document safely, without the risk of losing it, and help you or your companies to go green! DocuSign is capable of increasing efficiency from the individual level up to the enterprise level.

And, regardless of your company size, you can complete, sign, and return any document any where and any time. SRKK’s consultants are ready to share with you in detail how DocuSign can help to transform your business.