RPA: The Work Buddy You Never Knew You Needed

After years, do you feel like your business’ IT software and technology requires a facelift?

Do you feel that somehow your business processes and workflows are slow and laborious, requiring time and effort like push-starting a car?

In this digital age, you do not want to ignore that gut feeling. Just like any old vehicle or device, after using it for 5 to 10 years, you can sense

So also, if your business is still relying on manual paperwork and legacy systems, it requires more manpower and labor cost to stay functional.

These repetitive and mundane processes can all be solved with the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can digitalize paperwork processes and automate repetitive tasks to modernize the workplace. But the first thing you need to find out is…

What is slowing down your business processes?

#1 Paperwork

Is your business still top heavy on paperwork and manual processes?

Businesses that are still paperwork reliant will add more steps to its processes. From printing to scanning and keying in data into digital format, to finally sending these documents by post or email and even storing the documents, all these steps can eat massive hours of labor over the course of weeks, months, and years.

Not only is it slow and unproductive to transfer information and communicate – especially conducting business on a global scale – but it also costs a lot more and can be a source of stress to employees.

With RPA: Turn your processes digital for greater agility and transform your business into a modern workplace. Eliminate Manual, Go Digital!

#2 Legacy systems

Is your business still holding on to old software systems that require an update?

Legacy systems are software that are outdated but still crucial to business functions. As businesses take on the latest applications and systems to keep up with digital transformation trends, the challenge is to transfer the data and information from “out of the old and into the new.”

With many moving to cloud solutions, there is a growing need for a quick and cost-effective method to connect legacy systems/apps to modern ones. An employee sitting in front of the desktop to manually transfer data will take endless hours to even years, to finish a project.

But with bots and digital workers, they are mimicking the actions of a human on a desktop (such as drag and drop), in this case transferring data from one system to another.

With RPA: You can automate this process with unmatched accuracy, at greater speeds, around the clock.

#3 Labour Shortage

in Singapore showed that nearly 70% of workers feel they have been made to take on more mundane tasks because of colleagues quitting their job.

Those staying are fed up of repetitive tasks such as replying to emails and data entry, with nearly two-thirds feeling that these could be automated.

More than half believe that automation would allow them to devote more time, to focus more creative and meaningful higher-value work.

George Brooks of EY said expediting technology and automation would take robots out of humans. Allow us to return to what we do best, building relationships, strategizing, and creativity. Work that advances our goals and purposes in life.

With RPA: You are enlarging your workforce with bots and digital workers, which allows for greater scalability. RPA can compensate for increasing workload or reduce output with minimal cost.

Success of RPA in Singapore.

In 2020, SRKK Singapore took only two days for the National Gallery of Singapore to develop and implement an automated workflow system using Microsoft Power Automate and Nintex RPA to track and trace the number of visitors into the gallery.

In the space of a month, the system successfully registered 50,000 visitors.

At around the same time, the National University Health System in Singapore only needed six days to create an RPA solution to aid healthcare workers in the registration of thousands of foreign workers into their database after they had been tested.

From 2 minutes to register patients manually, the time was cut down to 30 seconds with the help of RPA and this was done for 72,000 patients over two months, saving 282-man-days worth of time.

A year later, we also helped Busy Bees Asia implement Nintex RPA to streamline its complex workflow and reporting processes with 100% accuracy across 9 countries in Asia – to meet Early Childhood Development Agency compliance and standards.

The education and childcare services provider saved massive labor and time in consolidating reports and validating information due to a manual method of info gathering. Busy Bees Asia also significantly reduced the turnaround time for reporting, contributing to significant savings in cost.

The project’s success was recognized as Busy Bees Asia was announced as a winner in the Education and Non-Profit Sector category for the Asia Pacific region at the 2022 Nintex Solution Awards.

On a smaller scale the Public Service Division in Singapore saved more than 90% of time in allocating a phone, laptop and setting up employee identification for new hires, reducing the time from 76 minutes to 7.5 minutes. New hires could now get their access cards on the first day rather than wait two weeks.

Automate Before It’s Too Late

With the world heading into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) of automation, RPA is a terrific way to get started as it is fast, easy and can be done within days. And if your business is running on Microsoft 365 systems you can start for free with Power Automate and Power Apps.

Many have realized that RPA keeps their businesses competitive as they can react faster to changes in market trends. Considering how fast RPA can be implemented, businesses can also take on business contracts that have urgent deadlines. You can win new contracts and partners that would have otherwise been lost.

With a transparent and accurate system for documentation and workflow processes, you can easily meet strict compliance audit and business requirements such as the Personal Data and Protection Act.

At SRKK Singapore we can harness the capabilities of RPA leaders Nintex and Microsoft to draw out creative solutions with RPA to simplify process workflows, to build an efficient and modern workplace.

Take a step into the 4IR and automation by starting a conversation with me here on LinkedIn, or you can learn more here SRKK Singapore RPA Go Digital.

Amin Talebi
Managing Director, SRKK Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Passionate to transform client’s business processes from manual to digital, Amin is a highly experienced RPA and Modern Workplace consultant going back 10 years. With the ability to envision the success of his customers through automation, he has led SRKK Singapore to deliver solutions to clients that have been recognized internationally, such as National Gallery of Singapore and Busy Bees Asia for the impactful application of RPA.