Automation in Human Resource

“Humanising Human Resource with Automation”

Does your Human Resource (HR) team spend hours daily: 

    1. Sending countless back-and-forth emails between departments when onboarding a new employee?
    2. Scanning employee applications for a single job opening?
    3. Ensuring standardised processes for compliance and accuracy with labour laws and regulations? 

HR departments are piled with mountains of paperwork and routine tasks. Choosing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been used by many to reduce the workload. This is because RPA is a quick solution to simplify and automate repetitive tasks

Automation allows HR personnel to refocus their efforts on fostering employee satisfaction. This is priceless during the Great Resignation, when businesses are struggling with attracting and retaining talent. 

An HR technology survey by PwC revealed that 45% of HR leaders were looking to automation technology such as RPA. 

Deloitte also reported that 74% of Shared Services leaders are planning to fully assess the viability of RPA for their operations. 

Your HR team will have more time to ensure your employees are happy. Because a happy employee is a loyal one! 


What are the benefits of Automation in HR? 

  • Simplify payroll 
  • Speed-up employee onboarding 
  • Generate compliance reports and automate updates  
  • Enhanced employee experience 
  • Increase talent retention 
  • Enlarge the workforce 
  • Connecting incompatible applications and platforms 

Continue reading or to learn how automation can work for your HR department, you can book a free demo with us here RPA Kaizen | SRKK. 


What HR processes can be automated? 

#1 Onboarding 

From acquiring employee profiles, setting up emails, user access, office tags, laptops and etc., the list of details needed from the hiring, HR, Finance, and IT departments can be exhaustive.  

It requires a lot of back-and-forth time-consuming emails, approvals that can be riddled with accuracy issues. 

With RPA:  

  • Simplifies data gathering procedure with onboarding templates. It lays out all the information that needs to be acquired and approved by the respective departments 
  • Increases accuracy, compliance of data gathering

    #2 Candidate resume screening

    HR personnel can spend countless hours going through hundreds of applications. 

With RPA:  

  • RPA software speeds up and simplifies the screening process, scanning through application forms with relevant job requirements that can be set in pre-defined rules.  
  • It can automate the arrangement of interviews and send rejection notifications.

    Profile management

    Labour laws, compliance procedures, and employee payroll and benefits are constantly changing. With current staff and new hires, managing to keying employee data can be a very tedious task. 

With RPA:  

  • Increases compliance and accuracy of data management as RPA can easily edit and update employee data while performing data cleansing.

    #4 Payroll processing 

Payroll processing involves massive amounts of data entry that is mind-numbing and constantly requires a high-level of accuracy. Don’t forget changing of tax laws. 

With RPA:  

  • Data across different systems such as office hours can be tracked, overtime, bonus or claims calculation to save time on manually processing data. 
  • Greater accuracy in generating reports and calculations.

    Organisational compliance

    Labour laws are strict digging through every nook and cranny of employee’s details to ensure requirements and compliance are met.

    With RPA:

  • Consistency and standardisation across all compliance and policy related activities. 
  • Compile reports to simplify auditing of employee files and information

There are many other processes that can be automated in HR. Automation and RPA can simplify many other repetitive jobs on the desktop. Reach out to us here to know more. RPA Kaizen | SRKK. 


Case Studies of RPA in HR 

#1 McDonald’s New Zealand 

The HR team cut down time spent managing employment issues to 25% of their time, this from 60%. Handling requirements for all 152 New Zealand restaurants and requests from 9,000 employees, there was extensive documentation that needed to be recorded from hiring, misconduct issues, etc. 

With Nintex, a repository was created for all information, history, logs, and revision. They could easily update legislation changes across the 152 locations. 

#2 Michigan State University

Nintex automation allowed for a 50% increase in process mapping to manage the entire hiring and onboarding process. Before, the process faced issues with lost paperwork, unclear requirements, and time-consuming schedules which led to lost candidates.  

But automation allowed for the smooth collaboration of all stakeholders in the Infrastructure Planning and Facilities unit. 

#3 Randstand Australia

With an IT Service Management solution such as Freshservice, Randstand created three HR workflows for new starters, employment change and ending which allowed them to make 300 hires, around 35 turnovers and less than 1200 internal changes in the sapce of a year. 

By moving from a shared inbox system to respond to queries, the automated ticketing system greatly reduced the number of repetitive processes and the actual number of tickets HR employees had to attend to. 


How do I get started? 

If you haven’t heard by now, it only takes days to implement RPA and start carrying out repetitive tasks for your business around the clock. This makes RPA the suitable first step into automation. 

With a range of solutions from technology leaders in the market such as Nintex, Microsoft and Freshservice, you can automate various business processes in almost any department in your organisation (sales, finance, etc.) and any industry (healthcare, logistics, etc,). 

With more time for your employees, businesses can experience increased customer satisfaction (62%). Deloitte reports that businesses have shown cost reduction (59%), improved compliance (92%), quality/accuracy (90%) and productivity (86%) with RPA. 

SRKK Group is a leading end-to-end digital transformation consultancy firm that specialises in business productivity through automation. To learn how your HR department can leverage RPA and other automations solutions to simplify and speed up processes, book a free demo session with us now RPA Kaizen | SRKK. 

Alternatively, if you want to learn more about which automation solution is the best for your business, our digital transformation consultants are ever ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us: 

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