All good things come to an end, this is even more true for IT hardware and devices. Did you know the average refresh life cycle for IT hardware/devices is about three to five years? Otherwise, with time, the devices no longer keep up with the capacity demands and performance.

As technology continues to advance, device refresh becomes necessary for businesses to stay competitive. However, this process can be complicated by high costs and proper disposal of old devices, which can have a negative impact on the environment.

So, what’s your organisation’s strategy? Do you change and upgrade all the laptops or PCs every few years? Or do you adopt the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality?

When your device reaches its EOSL (End of Service Life), which is about maximum five years, it means that the original manufacturer will no longer provide technical support, maintenance, or software updates (firmware, OS, etc).

To address these challenges, the value-added Device-as-a-Service provider in both Malaysia and Singapore SRKK Computer now makes technology refresh a cost-saving and strategic plan for IT decision makers in the organizations- “Trade Old, Buy New” Program.

It is time to trade in your old laptops/desktops and upgrade to new ones! Here are 5 reasons why it is worth considering!

#1 Operational Productivity & Efficiency 

New devices are updated with the latest technology and features, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of your technology. With faster processing speeds, longer battery life, and increased storage space, it allows employees to perform tasks more efficiently and boost productivity. This gives businesses a competitive edge.

#2 Employee Experience & Retention

New devices can improve the overall employee experience by offering faster speeds, user friendliness, and efficiency. New devices that are specifically catered to the roles of every individual and employee will increase their focus and accomplish tasks in less time.

Removing the constant frustration of old and inefficient devices while empowering them with the latest technology, employees will feel supported and backing to help them perform and reach their goals.

#3 Cost Saving 

By trading in your old devices, you get a rebate when you purchase a new set of devices. This will undoubtedly ease the cost of buying new devices at starting price.

You can update and replace all aging business laptops and PCs at a fraction of the price. Making the upgrade more affordable.

#4 Data Protection

Data protection is no doubt the biggest concern when trading in old devices. Upon trading in, it is important to ensure that all sensitive information is inaccessible to others.

SRKK Computer partners with global technology giants such as HP, Lenovo, Dell & Microsoft to ensure your business data is erased according to industry NIST standards to ensure no trade secrets can be recovered or stolen.

#5 Reduce E-waste

The exponential pace of technological use has generated massive amounts of electronic waste. Trading in the old devices can reduce the amount of hardware components that end up in landfills or are left unused.

SRKK Computer is committed to help recycle and dispose the used devices safely and responsibly. Drive a sustainable business that reduces negative environmental impact for the planet.

In conclusion, trading in your old devices for newer ones is a great way to upgrade your technology and keep your data safe. Take advantage of SRKK Computer’s “Trade Old, Buy New” program today by trading in your old devices.

As an established partner of HP, Dell, Lenovo & Microsoft you can now renew your organisations’ laptops or desktops with a great deal while keeping your information safe. Find out more information and contact us HERE.